Hey there, My name is Mark Newell.

I'm a front-end developer and high-functioning weirdo, living in Chicago.
Let me show you some of what I've been up to lately...



Kapow Events

HTML (Slim, ERB), CSS (Sass), Javascript (ReactJS, Coffeescript), Responsive Design, Full Stack Development (Rails)

In my time at Kapow, I served as the Front End Lead on Kapow's post-purchase client offerings, which included developing ReactJS-powered invitation, photo, and event management tools. I was also responsible for the front end web and email portion Kapow's Holiday Apology Campaign (pictured), a mad-libs style form that gave users a means to apologize for inappropriate behavior at their holiday party.

Kapow Screenshot

Killer Flix

HTML, CSS (Sass), Javascript (AngularJS), Responsive Design, Full Stack Development (MEAN)

After mulling over the idea for years, I was able to develop and complete Killer Flix in a few months, launching in October 2015. This web app integrates data from Bloody Good Horror (see below), Amazon, YouTube, and TheMovieDB to provide recommendations based on different criteria, and offer a path to rent/buy the recommended flick, and was featured on Product Hunt shortly after launch.

Killer Flix Screenshot

FIGO Pet Insurance

HTML, CSS, jQuery, Responsive Design, Drupal Theming

FIGO is a Chicago-based company that provides pet insurance. This marketing site was developed to promote the features and brand, as well as giving the user tools to compare rates and get a quote for insurance. It was built with Drupal to allow the client to continue to edit content after the handoff.

Figo Pet Insurance Screenshot

Exelon myCareer

HTML, CSS (Less), Javascript (AngularJS), Agile Methodology

myCareer is an app that helps Exelon employees rate each other's expertise and collaborate based on shared interests. It's built on AngluarJS with a Bootstrap Front-End. Development is ongoing, following an Agile methodology for adding new features and making improvements based on a backlog.

myCareer Screenshot

Bloody Good Horror

HTML, CSS, jQuery, Responsive Design, Drupal Theming, Drupal Management, Content Workflow, Writing

My co-ownership of Bloody Good Horror is much more than a hobby. Since 2007, in addition to co-hosting a roundtable podcast with 3,000+ listeners, I’ve also been responsible for all front end and back end development of the website, occasionally contributing content, managing a group of writers, and visual design and prep for marketing and print materials. Spooky!

Bloody Good Horror Screenshot


HTML, CSS, jQuery, Responsive Design, Drupal Theming

Zebra Technologies needed a marketing website for their new product, Zatar, a cloud-based service that allows for remote management of devices across the globe. In collaboration with IDEO, I developed a responsive Drupal 7 theme that included a single-page scrolling tour of the app’s capabilities.

Zatar Screenshot

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